Smooth Rail Operations
Smooth power for railways.

Beaver Petroleum works with freight, commercial and passenger railroad operators. We offer a full line of distillate fuel, greases and oils for train engines, bearings, couplings and everything that moves on a railroad.

Beaver Petroleum has direct-to-locomotive service for customers throughout Northeast Ohio. We manage fuel logistics, including bulk fuel tank monitoring, discretionary fuel purchasing and delivery. We offer refrigerated train car fueling (reefer car fueling).

High Quality Railroad Oils
Beaver Petroleum .

  • Zinc Free Diesel
  • Engine Oils
  • Traction Motor Gear Greases
  • Journal Bearing Oils

We carry quality products from:

Bel Raycalument oilshoughton oilSchaeffers lubricantsSunoco Race Fuels VP Lubricants Wolfs Head lubricants

Material Safety Data Sheets

For more information about Material Data Safety Sheets for Beaver Petroleum products, click here to visit the MSDS web site.



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