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From machining to manufacturing.

Beaver Petroleum's truck fleet delivers to manufacturing, commercial and industrial customers, construction sites, locomotives and commercial trucks.

On-time deliveries, regulatory compliance and worker safety are our top priorities.

Educate Yourself!

Learn more about the new specifications for diesel fuel oils. Here's some good reading for you:

What is CK-4, FA-4 and PC-11?

Watch Shell Oil's video on Youtube - Click Here!

Video about FA-4, CK-4

Other Products and Services
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  • Calumet

    • Bar & Chain Oil
    • Circulating Oils
    • Compressor Oils
    • Concrete Form Oil
    • Cylinder Oil
    • Heat Transfer Fluids
    • Industrial Gear Oils
    • Quench Oils
    • Paraffinic Oils
    • Premium Hydraulic Oils
    • Rock Drill Oils
    • Stationary Gas Engine Oils
    • Way Lubricants


    • Cutting Oils
    • Rustproofing Oils
    • Glycol Based Hydraulic Oil
    • Synthetic Hydraulic Oils
    • Spindle Oils
    • Synthetic Gear Oils
    • Transformer Oil


    • Machining Fluids
    • Grinding Fluids
    • Cleaners
    • Rust Preventative
    • Stamping Compounds
    • Forging Agents
    • Quenching Oils
    • Heat Treating
    • Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils

We carry quality products from:

Bel Raycalument oilshoughton oilSchaeffers lubricantsSunoco Race Fuels VP Lubricants Wolfs Head lubricants

Material Safety Data Sheets

For more information about Material Data Safety Sheets for Beaver Petroleum products, click here to visit the MSDS web site.



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