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Non-Ethanol Gasoline: Recreational Unleaded Gasoline - 90% Octane

Why buy non-ethanol gasoline? Sports car, marine, small engine users and plane owners understand that gasoline with ethanol can actually damage certain types of motors.

Most classic cars, boats, lawn mowers and airplanes aren't designed for ethanol use. Ethanol is too harsh for the rubber gaskets, and can eventually lead to engine destruction.

For example, running a forced induction vehicle too lean (caused by an improper ethanol-to-fuel ratio) can blow the engine. Ethanol is good for most consumers, but for some it's fatal and destroys vehicles.

Turn to Beaver Petroleum for 100% unleaded gasoline 90 octane - containing no ethanol.

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Beaver Petroleum works with steel mills, machine shops, automotive garages, plastics companies, trucking companies and farmers, offering a full line of lubricants for every need.

We also provide oil surveys, oil sampling and testing as well as used/waste oil reclamation. We work throughout all of Northeast Ohio from Lorain to Youngstown and as far south as Coshocton, Millersburg and Sugarcreek.

Take advantage of our 24/7 emergency delivery services (fuel, oil, fuel oil, gasoline, on-highway fuel, off-highway fuel, lubricants, and home heating oil) and our new, fueling station in front of our offices: 1507 Waynesburg Drive SE Canton, OH 44701.

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Educate Yourself!

Learn more about the new specifications for diesel fuel oils. Here's some good reading for you:

What is CK-4, FA-4 and PC-11?

Watch Shell Oil's video on Youtube - Click Here!

Video about FA-4, CK-4

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